S57565 – Soligor DG II Extension tube for Canon AF EFS

One or more tube combinations ensure flexibility and creativity in close-up (macro) shoots of for example insects, flowers and coins. The Soligor extension tubes are manufactured in a way that all electronic data of your lens will be passed on to your body like it used to. In some cases the auto focus function doesn't work anymore because of loss of light . A 50 mm lens in combination with all 3 rings gives you an image ratio of more than 1: 1 (related to 24x36mm size). You'll get the best results with a short tele lens. Specifications: - For Canon (D)SLR cameras - Extension tube 12/20/36mm - Ratio with a 50mm lens: 1:4.2 to 1.36:1 rel. to 24x36mm size. - Use of more than one tube possible - All data is transfered to the camera - Made of metal - Weight 300 g

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